Casa Branca
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Seabreeze, space and light were the key words when constructing this house. Facing the south-east and the sea from where the wind always blows guarantees a naturally ventilated house. Large rooms and a two-storey ceiling in the livingroom gives the house a generous and spacious feeling. The white walls and the scandinavian minimalist furnishing not only adds to the airy feeling but also helps the light flow throughout the house.

Casa Branca is perfectly located 50 meter from the beach. Close enough for you to walk there barefoot, and enough distance not to have sand blow all over the pool area. It's a 7 minute walk to the actual village of cumbuco where you will find restaurants, bars and small shops.

A family lives in a separate house in the back of the garden and they will help you with cleaning, washing and cooking. This will allow you to concentrate on resting or whatever you prefer doing on your spare time. Also, the english speaking family of the owners live 150 meters from Casa Branca, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. They can also help you with things like renting cars or just generally be of help.

The Swedish/Brasilian owners built this house to give them a stark contrast to the life of a north European city. So, if you also have a need for an occasional luxury break in the sun, this could be the house for you.


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